What occurs on the weekend?

What occurs on the weekend is a series of presentations given by a team of trained leader couples. The presentations allow you and your spouse a rare opportunity...

Already have a great marriage?

That's wonderful! Your marriage will grow deeper and more satisfying by attending the Marriage Enrichment Experience, perhaps more than you can imagine...

Is it for me?

Yes, if you want to:
  • Learn more about how to achieve your marriage potential.
  • Focus on and express positives

About Marriage Enrichment

Marriage and Family Enrichment Incorporated is a Utah-based non-profit organization formed in 1978 by Dr. Victor B. Cline and his wife, Lois, for the purpose of enriching marriage and family life. Its format and curriculum is the result of over 35 years of careful planning and research. The benefits have been uniformly positive for attending couples.

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Marriage and Family Enrichment is a nonprofit corporation.  Donations of any amount are welcome and tax deductible.  Some couples may receive full or partial scholarships to attend a weekend if their finances do not allow them to pay themselves. No one who serves in our organization receives any compensation.  Our founder, the late Dr. Victor Cline, always insisted that we keep the costs of the weekend to the bare minimum so that as many couples as possible could attend, and we follow this same philosophy and sometimes come up short, so donations are so much appreciated!

Donations may also be mailed to Dean and Joan Connolly at 1636 S. 2000 E.  Salt Lake City, Utah 84108.    

Another way to donate is through Amazon.com. Just register there to place your orders through Smile.Amazon.com.  This option allows you to choose an organization to which Amazon will donate every time you order. Ours is Marriage and Family Enrichment Inc. Salt Lake City. This is an easy and painless way to help!

Thanks for all your support!

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